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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

So Uni Here! 1/2

Pictures worth a thousand words.

So it comes to a realization that a note book and a documentary are two different thingies.

A documentary have to be annotated in an universal language. Here comes my second documentary in English. I know many are lamenting on my inconsideration for the first post. Well it was initially a self-inspired idea to predigest my first year in uni life, until I found that it would be a great job if I share these two posts with those who have participated and are currently participating in my life.

I want a zesty life. A simple but awesome uni life.The thought of hope, gives me palpitations but that is my choice to live a life, how I enjoy this weary, hectic and sweet life. hope,image of reality. Hope with life cadences awaiting,with the faith in myself.

Strong belief tells me, everything comes with a reason, a fate and a significance.

And I know, the colors of life are the options in mine hands.
So I decided to live a busy life in the second semester in my first year. Without giving a damn, I went go it. Until I know,I have totally worn out eventually. Somehow,I enjoyed.

That's how I appreciate what is gifted to me.
I never pray for an easy. But I pray for the strength to endure all challenges in my life.

2013, 16th of the Budding Moon month. I landed with a thought of "challenges,wait for me.''

So I was told to be allocated to a single room by my ex-double-roommie when I was on my way back form the airport. She was kinda discouraged with our separation, thou it was just a gap of a six inches wall. And then, it was a brand new scenery out from my wide windows.

New life and new challenges.

International Cultural Festival

Pace of working was going on even it was a semester break for me. The team and I were working for this event during our semester break which we were also having the CNY holidays.
It was an honor, it taught me to be intelligent and keep calm. You would never know, how anxious the heart was when you have only one week time to promote your event  and you have to attract 400 plus audiences. And what is more important, you don not want to turn the international peeps down.

And yet, we enjoyed.

So I printed the tickets,with a condition given: Low budget. 
And amazingly, these tickets were brought back to Uni by AirAsia.

So once we were back to Uni, a non-stop life began.
Meeting with the international students every night.
Discussed, Acknowledged, Rehearsal.

Till the day we prayed that every thing would go smooth.

"Let's Learn My Language"
Grateful that I was given opportunity to be in-charge of this event.
Pressure and forces came to me as challenges kept bumping towards me.
And that's how I went through and finally got applause via the entire event.
International friends from all places were dedicated to make the event a fruitful and awesome one.

Cooking Demonstration presented by the international pals too

Every step of mine is a single pace at the very first place.

International Cultural Night
A day with harvest,
you have gathered and encountered people on the world map.
The morning events turned into success.
And the night one, was awesome.
You know,
 it was a victory to every event organizers
when they see smiley faces on the audiences as well as participators.

Charity Run "Green Run"

Passionate in running.
Charity run is never a No thingy.
It was blessed,
I remember I climbed up with a weary body for this run presented by the Engineering seniors
after a long night meeting at the previous day.

Chinese New Year Celebration

It was a blessing to see the satisfaction on the director's face after this event.
Glad that her worries and unpleasant were diminished thoroughly 
when this event turned out to be a success.

Sarawak Planning Unit (SPU)

You may not enjoy writing a report for assignments.
But an assignment teaches you A LOT.
We learn skills and we meet the people.
You argue, you fight,you negotiate,you discuss,you share, you understand,
in a group.
and that is one of the abstract ultimate purposes of a group assignment.

Unimas Gives Back: Unimas with the Youth of Borneo

I grow up here. And I laughed alot.

Opportunities are gifted.
A nod of my head gave me a mass of memories.
Scarification and dedication.
All you needed.

To make a program a success,
you learn, you fall, and you stand stronger.
Those moments when you dialed to the giant companies and communicated with them for the sake of your event :
Sarawak Plantation,Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, NAIM and whatsover company,what you gain, is not those rejections.

The experience matters.
The process matters.

So we set off for the sake of youth in Borneo,
the obligations of being degree and mater holders.

Day 1: SMK Melugu, Sri Aman

Day 2: SMK Datuk Patinggi Kedit,Betong

Day 3: SMK Julau, Julau

SMK Julau Pakan, Pakan

Day 4: SMK Belawai

You would never experienced the life of the kids in remote areas
Until you participate in their circle
Participant Observation?
We love that
Especially when the lil kids smile and greet us with their warmest heart
The satisfactions on the kids face are the best ever outcome 

Day 5: Belawai Beach

So we went to Sibu market for the BBQ ingredients.
And there was the first time I washed sotong with my bare hand.
I was so glad and I told mommy after that
and you know what
How shocked my mom was
" I have never let you to do that when you are at home!"

Yes,this is when I learn things that I have not doen at home.
Belawai Beach

So we ended this trip
We will be back.
2.0 Perhaps?

Proud of everyone.
These sincere smiles have melted the hearts of youths in Borneo.
They are pure they are adorable they are sincere.
They are our young generations.
Our mission accomplished
And we are blessed to be gifted this opportunity.
Seven days Six nights.
We went through with our best
We influence,thou we are just few years elder than them
Experience, maturity and knowledge,matter.
This is what we are supposed to do as degree holders.

Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd

Being a new horn in a community
its such a appreciation to be granted chance to approach the companies,
 seek for sponsorship .
You encounter thousands colors of human behavior and
 yea this is how I learn about human, for the sake of my course?

 Bunga Raya College Open Day 2013

These three lil kids,
children of the bazaar owner in my college during BRC Open Day,
melted my lethargic body, that afternoon.

This fairy tale girl and I were glad to participate in the open day,
as a choir performer and a ballet dancer respectively.

“Semangat Kekolejan” ?
We do , we dont
But we enjoyed
This is how we participated in the one-week Open Day of my college

Pilihan Raya Persatuan Sains Sosial 2013/2014

You would never know what is the next chapter of your life
Everyday is a new breath to me
Being a leader of faculty is another new experience for me
and a new challenge as well.
And I have a team of capable comrades going on with me


Being a member of SUARAYA, an academical club in my college

MPP Secretariat Family Day in Pantai Pasir Pandak, Santubong

It wasnt a choice, it was a decision to enter this big family, this MPP family
The pressure the exhaustion the challenges the enjoyments and the opportunities,

TITAS Presentation

Presentations are common in uni,
Nevertheless, I enjoyed working for this particular presentation
It highlighted the team work spirit in my team.

Dota Raya BRC

Dota, am not interested in this game
and ironically I was involved in the organizers team.

"Life is like a book,
Some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting, but you never turn the page,
you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you."

Ponggal Night 2013

The night of cultures.
It was an Indian grand festival.

Silat Tari KoQ Performance at Damai Beach Resort

It is a big family which embodies a group of well disciplined and passionate members.
Til the day when people know well thoroughly about Silat Tari culture,
we will be even blessed.
Not forgetting,it was a nice 21st birthday of mine.

FSS Lectures' Day 2013


First event after the delivery of reign as the vice in faculty of Social Sciences 
Bundle of interesting comments brought to lecturers by the students.
We made it a success and it was a nice first step of our team.

Hari KoQ 2013

The full stop of Silat Team in our second semester with a runner-up victory

MPP Explorace UNIMAS 

The most fruitful yield in organizing an event is the entire process but not the outcome
A wonderful and well-planned process would surely ensure a successful event.
This is what I have learnt after holding on so several events.

Forum "Ini Kalilah"

We are glad to be part of the organisation of this forum.
An overwhelmed open speech on the 13th General Election.

Dean's List Award Ceremony

I shall not be glad.
for I know challenges are ahead.

Academic Reading and Writing 2

Language is always the most interesting one of all in my study life.
It is the best feeling playing around with words and feelings.
And this is how I ended my ARW subjects with grate feelings as well as awesome comrades and lecturer.

Life is like a song
Turn it on
to be as fairy tale as Beauty and the Beast
as nursery rhyme style as On McDonald
as dignified as You Raise Me Up
as cheerful as I Remember
as complimentary as Hero

It's all in your hand.


Theres a name we call badak and this is what has made our days nice and bright.
We enjoy and we share and we work hard.

Life of mine in uni is simple and meaningful.
Thats what I realize once I made the decision.
It is the same for wherever you are
as long as your determination is determined.
It is meaningless to become a top scholar with plain experiences,
of course,this is subjective.

Experiences are those of good and bad.

Forever young, Prof.

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." -Sydney J. Harris

The inspiration of mine to be an educator has grown deeper every day.
And they are where I found my passion.

I may make mistakes. I may fall.

So I ended my second semester of my first uni life with weary body.
But am happy.

I knew it would be a tough journey but I appreciate it. Every terminal has a checkpoint and there is where I found the clues to get myself carry on.

"Students of Social Science are universal"
So one day we are told as such.

Theres a light at the end of every tunnel
Keep walking and give me some time please
Am not perfect,
but I know am trying to be for all the time.
This is how I utilize the chance of mine to become a member of uni students.
My way.

And I know
This path will be tougher and tougher and tougher
And everything must go on

And Thank you Thank you and Thank you
to those who are involved in my life

This is not the perfect way,but this is my way.


  1. Good old days :D ur the best Iris, don't give up :D

  2. Thank you hodohh :P
    Miss you Eddy, Yaa Am hoping to blog something like this again (:
    Thank you for reading and savoring !