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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Don't fool around with your [Religion Pass]

So I believe, God, all the God would not blame me or punish me for not worshiping Him, or them. Whichever god, I believe all the god love me.

For I know, my love to others have exceeded, no one can surpass mine. At least, don't let me down.

For I know, God wants human being to be good in humanity, not in the sense of how devoted you are to the god.

When Dr. Peter asked me,

"So what's your religion?"

"No, I don't have one. I respect every religion and I believe every religion wants us to be good. Humanity comes first."

He smiled.

Don't tell me how devoted you are, but you spit out rubbish to human and betray your friends and fool your friends and sound at your parents and give a death to animals(even a lil bug) and glance at the makcik cleaner and give an ignore to the rubbish in front of you and you talk hurtful words to your students and mates and elders and you throw the untouched food into the dustbin.

You know what, how I encounter these. To certain extent, religion doesn't give you any rescue for your shitty attitude. Don't swear to me under the name of God, swear under your true heart.

Disappointment and pain overwhelm. It has been almost two years. Yes, am now a step to my third year of degree, and am getting matured as time goes by. Daily experience grow me up. Anthropology and Sociology brush me up to think further. The epitome of society is where we are now, the University, you see all sort of people. Encounter numerous experience and a diversity of human- selfish, fake, self-centered, seeking for fame, seeking for name, bitchy, rascal, yeah I know, not all are negative ones,some are warm and nice.

Nonetheless, you know, you can't find a true heart. It is hard, it is tough, it is impossible. The more you expect, the more disappointing it could be. I just don't give a damn if am placed in the Hell after my death, for what I know, I do my obligation when am having my breath, regardless of towards human or animals, all creatures on earth.

While everyone is curious about my religion, nope, I don't have one. An exact one. It doesn't mean that I have zero direction and lost. Believe it or not, there are people who don't even know why they need a religion. Well, no offense.

"I respect every religion and I believe every religion wants us to be good. Humanity comes first."

So I repeat.

Religion are supplement to me. You gonna do your part as a human first. I believe all the god, Lord Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and other folk belief god love me, at least they won't blame me for not being a devoted follower of either of them. Cause they know where I place my heart and where I dump my love.

Being too caring and considerate has made me suffer most of the time. And now am doubtful for all the hearts whether they are true or fake. I just, ponder. Those promises are rubbish, those words are shitty enough that am disgusted indeed. Au fact, am not being sarcastic, but it's a fact, irritable fact.

Who can treasure you more than you treasure yourself?
Who can love you more than you love yourself?


Everyone has an evil in their heart. I don't deny. Sometimes people just allow the demon to wander too much, they show the devil in them.

They seek for fame, they forget the true hearts that are holding for them. They cling on the people who are far more beneficial than us, they forget the promises that are made together. Those are the trauma that preoccupied my lil mind, for now and then. It was so hurtful and yet I opted to forgo.

They seek for help, they ignore the true hearts towards them whenever they are in need. They turn their head and walk away when your holding on big rocks. Ignore.

They release their emotion freely without knowing how hurtful it is to the person, they forget how they could come to where they are now. They ignore everything now and leave the obligation behind.

Human. Human.
Do your part as human, regardless of a student friend daughter son, you don't need to have a Buddha's Heart, but the basic is, you need a human heart.
你不需要一颗菩萨心, 只要一颗人理心。

So you tell me, what is the role of religion here? Tell me.

Humanity comes first.

The moment you fool me, you're fooling yourself.