In a box

Monday, 25 July 2016

Please allow me

I made a promise to myself
If one day
I could no longer see anything
I could no longer hear anything
I would not be sad
But I left my only worries behind
I know I would have not able to see how mommy look as time goes by

So I promise myself
Not to be sad for myself
But be sad for not able to see mommy getting old

Dear heart,
Please tell me how should I carry on
I have been giving my smile my energy to the people surround
I keep everything to myself
I give the best to them
I spread my laughter to the people I love
I guide them at their best
I love them in my way
But what has gotten in return
All the tolerance and understanding are replied blindly
I don't want karma
I don't want good deed

I don't want.
Where has my happiness gone to
Don't I deserve a lil piece of happiness
Don't I deserve someone who loves me
Don't I deserve some ordinary life rhythm
Don't I deserve some chasing of dream
Don't I deserve some beautiful pace of life
Don't I deserve a debris of freedom of thought
Don't I deserve to be appreciated

How should I persuade myself that
"Hey it's right for you to be contented, appreciative and positive in everything and everyone.
You have influenced many people in good
And you feel the breathe of peace eventually"

I don't get this.

All I need is a way out
And all I have is my own.

Oh hell no
The negatives are freaking me out