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Monday, 12 August 2013

Give the Heart A Break - SG

So a week after the trip to USS with mommy, am back to SG with my loves.
Again, random decision.

We are there.
With ourselves, our own selves.

It was a short journey
a real short one
but the feelings are there
cause we are ourselves
we enjoyed ,
the moments

The entire trip was nice and calm and full of laughter.
Like what we used to be.

And this is the main highlight of our trip.
Believe me or not,
there were six of us,

and thanks so much for the grilling!

 We talked we walked we laughed
until the time urged us to the separation
with the cute lil girl and her kind friend.

So they are the ones.
you laugh the most with
 you talk the most with
no matter
where we are

Just too love this picture
its just too real and funky!

We were tired
and blessed.

Till we bade goodbye to this girl
we know theres a belief:
friends are always the ones u are most comfortable with.

Another ten years.

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