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Monday, 12 August 2013

Give the Heart a Break - USS

Give the heart a break,the freaked heart.

So I decided to take a break.
With these people.
 Random and firm decisions, after much exhausting messy stuff in my mind.
And I know, life is just too short.
Just do it the right ones.

So am back to this land
with a playful heart to Universal Studio Singapore.

From Hollywood to the 3D Shrek,
it was funky and fresh.

Shrek impressed me and brought me back to memories.
He was part of my assignments in my course.

and this is the only regret, it was not in operation on the day I went.
too bad and i missed it.
The not-too-scary ones are just not enough for me.

My studies conquered me.
The mummy make me thought of AnSos.

A boat round to the Madagascar underwater world.

 It was a sunny day.
My mind was just at ease.

Riding on this carousal with mommy.
My loved monkey, ops, he was reading on a press! 

Yeah it was fun.

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