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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Eleventh May: Thank you, Nicky.

Thank you very much, Nicky.
Mommy texted me early morning wishing me a blessed birthday. I rolled my eyes from my sleepy morning, replied her thanks for giving birth to me and stay healthy so we can shopping together when I have more money.This has been my dream upon my mom that I am pushing myself hard, to give her a good life. She then replied me: Thank you for be my DAUGHTER.Well I dont know why she put the word daughter in capital letter bt I know she really meant it.

In the afternoon, she called and wished me again. Asked me if theres cake inside campus. I told her not to worried I have eaten twice with Nicky and friends. She said, Ouhh, do you want Pizza? Let me tell Nicky to order some Pizza for you, OK? I was touched, because she knew I used to like Pizza when I was young but didnt get the chance to eat because mom didnt really want to buy me hahas. Yet she doesnt know now I have no longer have the quench for Pizza nemore.

How I love her more and more. I thank God or whatever gods up there, for sending Nicky as my guidance angel, being by my side for these two years until mom, dad and kor told me , You have a good friend ya. I know who love me and how much I love back. Shes very annoying sometimes and very straightforward when she knows I was hurt in some love matter. She is always there for me but really I wish shes even happier than me because she deserves every debris of good deed. Dia anak Tuhan, and I know Tuhan loves us right. Well am saying this not because she made me a marathon birthday week but I know she is a good lady, sometimes stubborn but still OK lah.

Mom always tell me 近朱者赤,近墨者黑,whoever type of friend you mix with, you will be influenced in their way. And am glad Nicky and I influenced each other in good ways, good virtues and positive auras, no matter in studies, people, family and life experience. Everytime we are in strange place or even danger, we hold our hands tight and be steady, never tend to surrender. Sometimes she teases at me, Wey youre too positive lah. But shes actually keen to those positive ways that I teach her.

Dear god and Nicky's Tuhan, please protect her and surround her with good peoples. Love you 🐸