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Friday, 25 January 2013

Silent Night

24012013 2306

The first time I stayed up at night,since the day am back to my awesome home.
Trying to avoid sleeping late when am home.
Nevertheless, kick is urging me,this night.

Sitting right in front of my desk, in this silent night.
Love to study in the silent night, kick is just a glut when the night comes.
Silence fills the night air.

Unspeakable familiarity filled my lil heart.
When my eyes swept over the entire desk, I saw lots of memories.

Those days I burnt midnight oil for my STP's Maths T and Biology.
Those years crazily pursued for my dreams and striked for my targets.
Those silly trice when I kept pushing myself to work hard for a terminal.

Those times I sat in front of my desk and prayed for everything.
Those moments where I caught myself smiling alone and tearing right in front of the desk.
Those seconds when I sat there anxiously and went off into wild flights of fancy.

Those wonderful jiff when I received the concern that I'd been waiting for.
Those dark nights where I spent my time for a lonely heart.
Those nights where I waited for an companion, unconsciously.

And after so long, am back to my lil domain.
The place I spent my STP life with.
The memorable lil study desk, my lil wonderland.
And carefully, gradually,
I have to wrap those memories debris and tenderly,
preserve them.
So to let my smile persist along my journey,without the existence of those memories.

So to build up new memories, on my new lovely desk.

Move on.Moved on.


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