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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Proud of You

So I have gotten the first academic result in my uni life.

Over the moon?
Frankly, I was delighted for the very first moment. And told mommy this first hand news once I saw the award column,last night.

Best moment when your name appears in the award list stating that Kepujian Dekan is belonged to you.

Stupid enough, still I asked my sweety what does it mean. And she laughed aloud over the phone,said
"Thats similar to Dean's List laa!"

And then this morning, checked the current results of mine after knowing that they are finally released. They look nice, but I gonna think that they are just satisfactory.

Cause I know thorny life is awaiting.

Challenges never ceased.

So I pray that am going to proceed cause I know am blessed.
Thank God.

So to let my kor feel glad, at least a lil joy in his middle of exhaustion after rushing tons of freelances.

"Congrats ris!!Thank u for tellin me.very proud of u! Belanja u eat k! ......"

I felt his joyness and I closed my eyes with music in my ears.

Life is never a bed of roses
So I remember what dad told me once.

With the strength and bleesing that is gifted to me, I pray that am doing better. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,and the following days.

A better me.
So I ended my joy today with the song "Only hope" by Mandy Moore.

To be only yours
I pray

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