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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So eventually I gain my kick, during my deep sleep this early morning.


Writers are dreamers. I believe. Most of the time.

Scenes appeared and conquered the nights, with chill , with warmth, with laughter, with smile, with fear and, with tears. Numerous time waking up with watery eyes and silent expression. The next moment, the dreamer turns herself into a writer, in her world.

A dreamer is a writer. A writer is a dreamer.
Turning all fragments of dream encountered into words is never an easy task. But I enjoy. Savour the happiness in the entire process. Every time I encounter the person in my dream, am blessed that, I never slip you out of my mind. I know I would never forget those memories, regardless of how hurtful they are. So I jot them down into words and preserve them, carefully, gently.
Silly? Perhaps. But this is just the way I am.

Cause you would never know, when a person put your name in her pray in the night.

Writers are journalists. I believe. Most of the time.

Both of them are social scientists who go in parallel every time they carry out their observations.
Observe, not stalk.
To love, is to keep in the bottom of our heart.And record every moment in our lil mind. And always pray that they are safe with the blessings of God.
Its a bless, to record every happy moment, and appreciate every single lil thing that is gifted to me.

"Sis, how have you been?"
So I received a simple text from my lil bro yesterday.   

How adorable he was. To let me know that he has made a new girlfriend for half of the year already,and told me her fb name.

"I want you to be a great boy, yet I dont want you to be hurt."

Showering a love to a lil bro, I wish he is not going to be hurt again. Knowing him during my high school life. And he is such a candor silly boy.And now he is a lawyer wanna be with a girl by his side. Sincerely wish that he has found a right one and always keep his smile on his reddish cheek.

See, a simple matter can be one of the chapters in my journal.

I dont fall for someone easily,but I love everyone around me.
We human are mandated to spread our love.

Writers are travelers. I believe. Most of the time.
I carry words with every step of mine.Words twisted and structured in my lil mind every single moment. Being lil silly, yearning to be a traveler and voyager is my lil yet large wish. And shoot every single view on earth.Hey you, be my photographer, will ya?

Wishing to be a traveler, a writer has plenty of plan and blueprint for life, which are yet to be crystallized. This is the reason why once I answered my English teacher, I only get into marriage in the age of 32. Cause life is too short for many things to be completed.
Countless stuff are awaiting me.

Writers are hope giver. I dont deny. Sometimes.

Words are essential in my life. Being a word person, I express my feelings via every single alphabet and stroke. No doubt, you can trust me when I say I miss you or I love you. But please forgive me, sometimes am just unable to overcome myself and sometimes, I told myself to step back. I hold myself back, for some reasons that make you to say that am unpredictable. And, ego is always the sharpest weapon that seize me.

Only if we can be who we are till the end of the day.
There are always reasons why I refuse somethings and hold myself back.

So I ended my dream today with the song " Life is like a Song".

I miss you。

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