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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Keeping Mum and Shutting Up

If only words could express, what's in my heart.
The only way is to write, to a piece of screen, with my heart screaming endlessly.
I won't speak anything, anymore.
It teaches me to stop being myself, the selfless self. You stupid self. 
Trying to understand and love everyone.
Do they do the same?
Trying to look upon everybody thinking that all creatures are worth to be praised. 
Do they do the same?
You are in the valley of your own self, don't think they know you.
 Adrenaline restrained, I would tell you it is an endless mare.
And the remedy is value measured by money. Listen, money. 
Sincerity and true heart means nothing in real world in all bonds.
It's all about investment, isn't?

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