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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Lil Reason to be Happy, Everyone is Beautiful Today.

A beautiful morning bus T530 ride to work. Rainy cloudy morning. Everything seems so beautiful.

A lil reason to be happy when I finally get the chance to treat myself a nasi lemak at such morning stall. Gerai tepi jalai. Suddenly I asked myself: "Why the thrifty life? Eat something full, Iris." (But right after this I bought myself bread for tmr's lunch. Useless.)

Mommy used to buy me in all Malay stalls when I was in hometown and I miss that shoo much. Here,this is the first time I see an Indian pretty kind kakak selling. Look at the Indian utensil jag and many types of dhal curry. So I treat myself with a typical nasi lemak with telur goreng. I said sorry for I dont have a small note. 

Then I walked far away to another grocery shop to purchase for two breads. After I got the change I told the uncle with my silly polite smile,may I get one ringgit instead of green RM 5 note cos I wanna take bus. He smiled and said Okayy no problem (with his head shaking hahas). Then I walked back crossing the beautiful flowery road with two young browder sweeping the pinky flowers and they smiled in bliss when I gave them a smile with appreciation, back to pay the kakak for my nasi lemak. 

The beautiful pink flowers fall from the trees, accompanied by a pine tree behind them.

A taxi driver who was having his "self-service" by the stall taking white dhal,smiled at me and said "Yes?Anything?" 
When I reached office and came out to feed Blacky the black cat with biscuits, the Indian aunty and Chinese uncle passed by and smiled politely,

Everyone looks so kind today. People are beautiful this morning. Even the bus driver nodded his head contentedly when I told him thank you, being the last person who got down the bus and the only one who said "Terima kasih bg."

Mommy, this is nice. I send you my regards from here. Hehes. RM 2.50. 

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