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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How Rubbish Got Her Name

While human create the name of "rubbish" for rubbish,signifying unwanted,junk,garbage or something awful... and human create these rubbish so that the name of rubbish fit them. 
Human actually know,what is awful and whats not,but they are doing an awful scene au fact.

Picking up rubbish along way or clearing up rubbish is a daily habit of mine. 

Got on a bike and went to this garbage site. Looking at this,I got down from my jingle bike,carefully pour the wild grasses(mom's work out at garden)on the grass ground so that it could turn into fertilizer.

The biggest problem of men is,they know the garbage workers are going clear up the next few days. Taking things for granted,you know. Something like,um,you throw your rubbish everywhere,inside or outside your apartment,expecting one of your samaritan housemates or the kind hearted makcik cleaner would do you a favour whenever the rubbish overflow. Or like,you throw your dirty clothes in the laundry bucket very naturally, because you know your mom is going to get them and wash for you. Like that.

So you know,how rubbish got her name.

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