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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why AnSoc?

A week before the release of final exam result, I was on a whatsapp chat with my close friend. From our conversation, I was inspired to write this blog post. Before that, I encountered the same thing when another close friend of mine actually sent me a pm and told me the same problem.


So I think I should write this. Affirmative.

Two days after I have gotten my result, I was completely ready for this post. Till today, many of my dear friends are still asking me how was my result, text message, pm, all channels that are available, that I did not even given them a proper answer. Aww sorry for being such annoying. Low profile bah my style. *Silly smile.

For I know, I mind more on " Why AnSoc?". True, my results have made me over the moon. I was delighted, but for only two minutes, after letting my mommy to know this news. Believe it or not, she is the only one who knows, besides my daddy. The thing that am more concerned with is what makes me to think more on this course, after I have known so many of my friends are struggling in this field, and how the outsiders have underestimated this field of ours.

*** ***

Why AnSoc. Why AnSoc?

A year ago, I was told by my most close-knit senior that the result in your second year degree shows your survival in your course.

"To see who is good enough, you gonna look at the result in the second year, where it has really get into the real course."
Her words  rang in my ears now. But the challenges are ahead thou. So I have made deeper and deeper thought on this. And I come to a clear-cut to make it simple and precise.

So the demon in my soul is asking me : Why AnSoc? 

[Interest] and [reality].

Why AnSoc. When I know that my friend is struggling in this field, frankly, I felt bad. Just couldnt see her being such upset with this struggle. People in this field, at least in this second year of degree could really know, how tough it is to get through all the subjects.

It was really hard. The toughness of the subjects make me proud when I manage to get through them after a profound hard work of mine, in all aspects. I was trying so hard to fit myself and verify my spirit that -- am in the place I have opted to be, even though there is another land that I should had been there.

The first week during my first year degree in university, I was on a call with my relative. God knows, how I felt when the other side of the phone was saying that " Why did you choose this course? It doesnt ensure you a bright prospect Ris! "

Steady. Like I always do,  I replied,

" This is my choice."

“You just couldnt see the reality Ris! After this you shall see. You know this course is less well known in ...."

Whenever I choose to be steady, I am.
I make it through my way.
Regardless of that wet blanket and much "encouraging" words.Imagine what has knocked a uni newbie. Am glad, my heart wasnt ever shook by her words.

Human. Oh human.Whispered.

*** ***

Throughout the years in my degree, sooner I found that this hard course has drowned me into the realm of maturity and wider horizon.

So one day, a quote came across my mind. I made it after reading a text message from my friend who lamented on how her friend actually doubted on what she is currently studying.

"We dont study merely for money,we study for a brain. Take note.
Dont underestimate others' knowledge and field.

For a brain, a thoughtful and matured brain. Yes a scroll might ,determine the prosperity of the future. Somehow, people just went too far away, the purpose of getting into a higher institution is swayed away in a very implicit and realistic pace. Which is annoying au fact. 

Interest and reality

Being a social science student, or more specifically, an Anthropology & Sociology student, simple, am proud to be. I enjoy what am learning. I enjoy the knowledge within. 

You never know, how my head cracked thinking of a single word "Ethnics". "Culture". "Deviance". "Reproduction". Burrowing your head in Marxism, Capitalism, Rousseau and Barth. Whatnot. 

How I struggle in questioning myself on the religion issue and cultural distinction. How I question so much and keep myself upheld with the thought that animals are equal with human that many of my friends are trying to "rescue" me. 

Suddenly. I thank so much to them who always try to answer my questions. Countless questions and doubt. 

Those are the basics. But they have already pushed me beyond the level of thinking that I ought to have. A wider mindset has been instilled in my encephalon. In every aspect. Beyond my field.

You might think we are weird. But we are making thought on things that you underestimate. 

AnSoc, is never an easy bun to be given a bite on.

So, interest and reality. You may say that interest is still interest. Reality=Money ?
So a student in professional studies( doctrine, nursing, veterinary, dental, law, etc.) is guaranteed by a gleaming future?

Even so, (which is usually social-stereotypically yes), I still strengthen much on the amount and diversity of knowledge gained.

By the way, this is a post written using a social scientific spectacle, so there is totally no any offense on any field of studies. Am particularly stressing on the brain and knowledge used.

Simple example. You drag a dog on its neck and tell me it is exactly lower-class than human. You pray hard but you pretend to ignore an old nanny in a MRT. Well, I wont give a damn on your academical degree or what course you are indulged in. You are just a scum.

This reminds me a sentence of a book I read recently, by Haruki Murakami.

" This poor world. Pathetic that these people are studying for pointer, walking fast across the society and quickly they create a petty and low society. These lowlife."

This is why, am always questioning so much on religion. The same case here. The society is way too stereotypical with these angles. Education level and knowledge in your brain is completely different things.

So back to the topic. Why AnSoc.

Once during a talk with my friend, I heard this:
“People might think that we're weird and we only live in our own world.”

Thinking over and over again. Again and again.

And one day I replied.

We cant change people's mindset on certain things.
Rooted racism and objection on cross-ethnics marriage, for example.
Or, like I mentioned earlier, people think that our field is dull and unsecured.

"We cant change. But we could impress them via our talk and thoughts."
 This is what I believe and I am still implementing it in my life now and then.

Maturity matters. Especially maturity in thoughts and the way we view the world and creatures.
Maturity on how to be a right human.
Am still holding on this.

This is the only reason why am always wish to gear up the spirit of my juniors in faculty, especially that of AnSoc. Given a post in the faculty, am always upholding the belief that I have the responsibility to assist them more.

For I know, many of these greenhorns, are deliberately headless houseflies.
No offense, I mean. It is the social reality that many of the people nowdays enter U without a specific reason. Without knowing, the direction.

They just study, for the sake of study.

It has been shaped by the society.
" We are shaped once we are borne to this world."

You enter an U, because daddy mommy told you to do so when you are in the Grade One.

" You HAVE TO enter U so that you have a bright future, son/girl."
Familiar, isnt so?

And I know, things just isnt right if we never behave in contented manner. Life isnt on a pointer nor a hell scroll. Of course it leads way in some of your steps, but your mind, minds more.

Bill Gates did not pass his exam paper during his school time. His friend did. And now that friend of his is the engineer of Microsoft, and Bill Gates owns Microsoft.

You'd get this kick behind.

AnSoc. AnSoc. Think bout it, Why you are here in this field today.
We say the beauty of different flowers are being judged differently by different eyes, so do when it comes to different field.
You may think that my field is lower than yours, but to me my knowledge is more than it should be. 
Respect others' field. Do well in your own field.

*** ***

Then suddenly, I hear a voice of a lecturer, whom I really keen on, telling me with a warm heart.

" Just remember, dont give up your dream."

[Interest] and [Reality].

One day, you shall see.

Remember, Dreams come before conditions.

Effort. Am still holding on. Effort matters a lot. A lot.

Run, even its mud beneath your Nike shoe. 

 " Anthropologists are people who ask smart people dumb questions."
Be the smart scholar in all means.

Feed le demon in you.

I mean it.

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